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Goal Fest Questions

We have had a number of questions about Goal Fest and so wanted to give everyone the answers:

When is Goal Fest? It is Sunday Nov 1

How long is Goal Fest? It runs from 11 am to 4 pm. Some teams might start a bit later or end a bit earlier but no games will be scheduled to start before 11 am or after 3:30 pm.

What is Goal Fest? It is a fun 3 player vs 3 player high scoring soccer tournament. scores of 10 to 12 goals are common. There are no goalies, no offsides, the fields are small, games only last 24 minutes each (2 Halves at 12 minutes each). Teams can have a maximum of 5 players, we recommend no more than 4 so that they get to play a lot.

Where is Goal Fest? Goal Fest is held at the Conover fields located at 8 Conover Road,West Windsor NJ 08550. This is the same place that the PreK through 3rd grade leagues play.

Must I form a team? No you can register an individual player. Simply pick the ​Place me on a Team option when you register and the player will be placed on a team.

Can I form a team? Yes you can talk to teammates and friends and register to be on the same team. Just email with the team name and we will set the team up for you so you can selected it when registering. Please also include in the comments section details of your team so we can make sure it is properly set up.

How much does it cost? $25.

What do I get? Each team will play at least 3 games. Each player will get a Goal Fest Trophy. Everyone will have a lot of fun.

Does a parent need to manage the team? we prefer having parents form and manage the teams but we will have big brothers and sisters and field marshals to help manage teams and the games.

Hopefully that helps you understand what Goal Fest is all about. Register today and join the rest of WWPSA having a fun time next Sunday.