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Fall League Manager Administration

Thanks you for volunteering to be a League Manager (LMs). You are critical to WWPSA's Recreational soccer program and its ability to deliver high quality, safe and enjoyable soccer programs. In summary your role is representing your league, recruiting coaches, assigning coaches and players to teams and to acting as a liaison between families, your league, and WWPSA. Please email to any corrections or information that needs to be added to these pages.

Click here for Instructions on how to form teams

Click here for instructions on how to send emails to families

As a league manager you will be responsible for managing a Recreational Soccer age-based league. This involves:

  • Serving as the point of contact between families in the league and WWPSA.
  • Using registration information to form teams by assigning players and coaches to the teams and as need recruiting additional coaches.
  • Reviewing the leagues information, game and practice schedules and providing input on changes and edits required.
  • Answering questions and resolving any issues that arise within the league.
  • Providing and collecting input on field conditions, WWPSA programs, etc. from parents and help us decide how to implement ideas and modify the program to make it more fun for everyone.

You will receive full training, access to the appropriate systems, and support for the entire recreational soccer leadership team to help you fulfill this role. 

Time wise you will need to spend about 20 in late August/early September forming teams, contacting families and coaches. Thereafter you will spend about 3 hours a week, this will include about 1.5 hours each Saturday attending games (which you will probably be doing anyhow since you typically will have a child playing in the league you are managing) and the balance of the time responding to any emails you might receive.

This position qualifies you to get your $50 volunteer bond back.

If you are willing, committed and able to fulfill this role please email . Please do not volunteer for this role unless you are committed to fulfilling it for the entire season.