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Soccer+ Training


Spring 2032 Adult Recreational Program Details



The league is open to all adults (male and female) 19 years or older. Participants MUST have their own medical insurance and by participating agree to the waiver of liability and medical release reflected on the registration form.

Registration and Fees

Please register early to receive the registration discount and help us plan the season.

·         $50 - Early bird discount registration fee if registered by 3/8

·         $60 - Standard registration fee

·         $70 - Late registration fee – begins 3/29

*Adult liability insurance is required to participate. Those who have not signed up for Fall or Winter programs will be assessed the $15 insurance charge.

You can register via our secure online registration system: http://assn.la/Reg/?r=1:315015

Note: WWPSA only accepts payment by Visa and MasterCard. No other card types or forms of payment are accepted.

Registration Deadline & Refunds

Registration Late fee will be assesed starting 3/29All registrations must be received by 4/30/2023.

Refunds will be issued only in accordance with WWPSA Refund policy.  

Dates & Time

Saturdays:  starting tentatively 4/01/23


Weeks #1-7: League Play

Weeks #8-10: Playoffs


Depending on the number of teams formed, we may schedule games at 2 different times on Saturdays.  Games may be played at 1:30PM or later and may shift as daylight hour’s decrease.

Please arrive early enough for an adequate warm-up period.  For tournament play, teams must be present 30 minutes prior to kick-off in order to be checked in by referees.


The game format will be 8 v 8 including goalkeepers.

Games will be played on small-sided fields (80x50 yards with 7x21 foot goals). 

Teams in excess of 13 players per side will be encouraged to play 11v11 on full-sided fields.


Unlimited substitutions at any time.


No referees (for regular season play), FIFA Rules as modified for the Adult Recreational Program will be enforced by the honor system with player-called infractions.

Note: Referees will be provided for the end of season tournament.  Player eligibility will be determined via their official registration status prior to each tournament game.


Special Note: Since this is a recreational league, we expect all players to play in a friendly manner. There shall be no deliberate foul play including pushing and absolutely no slide tackling. While we do not anticipate any problems, we reserve the right to remove a player from the program for unsportsmanlike conduct. Remember that players assume the risk of injury that may be caused by competitive play!


Probable rotation between Conover and Zaitz.


Please park only in designated parking lots and areas. Parking, stopping or standing on the side of roads near fields or on the grass is not permitted. Please DRIVE SLOWLY at the parks, and watch for children.


Teams will be formed with a minimum of 12 players. Each team will have assigned manager or co-managers. Please indicate on your registration form if you would like to be a manager or assistant.  The Director of Adult Soccer will assign managers or co-managers if there are no volunteers assigned to any given team. 


Teams may be formed and players may be grouped by indicating the same team/player name on the registration form. Players who register individually will be assigned to a team. Team rosters may be altered in order to even the number of players and substitutes as needed.

Uniforms & Equipment

Players are required to provide their own:

·         Shirts - Team can agree to wear same color throughout the season, however, all teams should bring both a light and dark colored shirt every week.

·         Socks, shorts, drinks and snacks.

·         Shin guards (REQUIRED)

·         Soccer shoes or cleats. Baseball or metal cleats are not allowed.

Eyeglass straps, mouthpieces and athletic supporters are optional.

Jewelry and Hard Casts

Jewelry of any kind (including small studs) and hard casts may not be worn during practices or games.


Volunteers are needed to help run the Association and its programs. The Association is run solely by volunteers and we need your help. Please contact adult@wwpsa.org if you are interested in volunteering.


We appreciate the generosity of our sponsors. If you or your business is interested in becoming a 2023 sponsor, please contact the Director of Adult Soccer.  


See Frequently Asked Questions or email adult@wwpsa.org