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Travel Player Expectations

  • Arrive 15 minutes before start time
  • If player is late, they must address the trainer before entering the session
  • Greet all trainers/coaches on arrival and when leaving
  • No shooting if players arrive early, they can injure themselves or others. Instead do juggling/moves/short passing in pairs
  • Pinnies must be worn correctly
  • All players must practice in their training uniform
  • After practice, players must leave in an orderly manner. No kicking balls around the trainers work area, no messing around, no litter on the field.

Parent Expectations and Notes

  • No parent coaching from the sideline e.g.. pass! shoot! get wide!
  • Please be mindful that you are a role model on the sidelines
  • Communicate to the coach in a timely manner if a player cannot attend (update Band app)
  • Please be supportive of our coaches. It can be very damaging to a player's attitude if they overhear you commenting negatively on a substitution or tactical decision
  • If you have an issue with a coach do not approach the coach when emotions are high (at a game or in front of other parents and players). You must wait at least 24 hours before contacting the coach to discuss your concern
  • Parents should refrain from interfering in training by approaching the coach or crowding the playing surface. Parents should not be on the field when training is taking place.
  • Player positions are not guaranteed. Positions will be based on what the player needs to develop and NOT to win games when they are playing 7v7, and 9v9
  • Equal playing time for all players in 7v7 games. 9v9 and 11v11 games are based on training attendance, attitude, effort, and performance
  • Late players do not start that game

Player Evaluations

  • Coaches will provide player evaluations 2x per year, after the Fall and after the Spring season


  • A training session may be cancelled due to inclement weather. If so, you will be notified via Band app and club email
  • We do our best to notify everyone if we need to cancel training. We use multiple weather tracking sources and sometimes get it wrong. We appreciate your patience as we try to do what is best for the kids
  • If training is held with storms in the forecast, please stay local so players can be picked up swiftly 


  • If a session is cancelled, then a makeup session will be scheduled based on the trainer's availability
  • The makeup session may be added to the end of the season 

Training Uniform

  • All players must come in full training uniform and shin guards
  • Please have the players be prepared for the weather (i.e... sunscreen and ample water when it's hot; hat, gloves, jackets, and thermals when it's cold


Parents can contact Surf Mercer Director of Coaching, Terry Gradwell directly if they have any issues or questions about coaches, trainings, or games at