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2019 WWPSA Board of Directors Nominees

Listed in alphabetical order by last name


Please cast your vote here (2018 season paid player family only): 


Any player registered (including adults in the adult program) during the previous twelve (12) months shall be entitled to have one vote on matters before the Annual General Meeting (AGM). For youth players under eighteen (18) years of age a parent, guardian or caregiver shall be entitled to vote on behalf of each player. It is the intent of the WWPSA to have one vote for each player at general meetings; at no times shall more than one vote be cast on behalf of any player. People who solely participated in activities designated as tournaments or activities hosted by the WWPSA on behalf of others, such as coaching courses, etc., are not entitled to vote at general meetings.



Barna, Ryan

Candidate for: Director of Youth Recreational Soccer

Campaign Statement:

Served as 2018 WWPSA Recreation Soccer Director. Implemented information table and field signs to improve organization and member experience at Conover field. Exploring possible changes to Spring rec program to allow more structure (similar to fall).  Will order new sharpshooter goals to replaced old ones. Worked with Rec Deputy Director and WWPSA Director of Coaching to run successful 2018 summer camp. I generally respond within 48 hours to any member emails in order to quickly answer member questions/concerns.


Brogan, Tom

Candidate for: Director of Youth Travel Soccer

Campaign Statement:

As a parent and active member of WWPSA for the past 6 years, I have supported the club in several different volunteer roles. As a former athlete who played Division I in college, I continue to educate myself on the game of soccer and the many changes youth soccer implements each year. I value the experiences I had as a youth player that built the foundation for my success which is why my priority is putting our members first. I identify the needs of the travel program with an open mind and make educated decisions that help support the growth of the players as well as the program.

Under my current supervision with the travel program, WWPSA has made progress on several initiatives to help position the club for the future. For the 2018 season, we have provided our training staff with additional soccer education which is reflective in our training sessions. We also held our first parent engagement night which was presented by Auke Wiersma, a US Soccer representative to help provide additional information and answer parent questions. We have implemented a new partnership with Global Premier Soccer to provide our WWPSA members with a complete player pathway which starts with our recreation program through our premier travel teams.

If re-elected, the travel program will continue to search for ways to improve the WWPSA experience and promote effective communication, transparency and member engagement.


Chen, Jenhau

Candidate for: Director of Youth Travel Soccer

Campaign Statement:

Ensure transparency and quality of the program(s) and provide continuous soccer education for families. Collaborate with neighboring clubs/communities, and WWP school district to better facilitate and enrich our program(s). Empower team managers to build a pool of capable and willing volunteers to participate WWPSA board.


Donnelly, Michael

Candidate for: Director At-large

Campaign Statement:

To share institutional knowledge from having served on board for over 10 years and to help with sunburst


Haque, Omar

Candidate for: Director of Youth Protection & Sportsmanship

Campaign Statement:

Current Director of Youth Protection. Fairness and Equity very important for me


Kacmaz, Mert

Candidate for: Secretary, Director of Facilities, Director of Technology

Campaign Statement:

Have passion for football and would love my kids to learn/play... WWPSA has given that opportunity to my kids and I would like to give back to the community.


Li, Yang

Candidate for: Director of Technology

Campaign Statement:

As the current holder of the position, I believe my 20+ technical experience can provide continuous technical support to the organization, while steering the organization to right direction of technology innovations.


Mohta, Manish

Candidate for: Director of Finance / Treasurer

Campaign Statement:

I am CPA and have held senior finance leadership roles in my career. In these roles, I have had the fiduciary duty in managing the shareholder's funds as well as ensuring we manage our cash in the most efficient manner. Having spent a fair amount of time in Public Accounting as well, I have been part of the audits on both sides. Finally, being a West Windsor resident, I would like to contribute to this program that is essential for the kids in the community.


Moore, James

Candidate for: Chairman / President, Director At-Large

Campaign Statement:

Current President


Nielsen, Brent

Candidate for: Director of Soccer Education, Director At-large

Campaign Statement:

I bring years of experience to the board.  I want to continue supporting the Rec program as an assistant to the Rec Director.  I also want to develop coaching skills in the Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Organize the summer camps.


Nielsen, Heather

Candidate for: Director of Finance / Treasurer

Campaign Statement:

My family and I have been involved with WWPSA since 2001.  Each of our 5 children have come through the ranks of Pre-K, Rec., TDA, 3-M, Travel and Elite Travel.  We have all benefited from the dedicated service of others and it is my desire to give back to an organization that has given us so much.  I’m passionate about helping organizations grow and profit by utilizing best practices and sound financial policies and believe my experience as a CPA and business advisor will help me serve in the capacity of Finance Director/Treasurer.


Nukalapati, Sumant

Candidate for: Secretary, Director of Finance / Treasurer, Director of Youth Recreational Soccer, Director of Youth Travel Soccer, Director of Technology, Registrar

Campaign Statement:

Soccer is a sport I am passionate about. My two children are part of Travel and Rec soccer for last 3 years. I have been to every soccer event, field WWPSA has and gotten familiar with several aspects of running the organization behind the scenes. I volunteered to get a F license. I would like to further engage with the community I live in and aspire to keep the current momentum going with the club.


Pazmino, Andres

Candidate for: Secretary

Campaign Statement:

I want to continue to help WWPSA reach their Soccer goals. Growing up in WWP soccer was always a fundamental part of my life and want to continue the tradition going forward.


Seshadri, Venkata

Candidate for: Secretary, Director of Facilities, Director of Youth Recreational Soccer, Director At-large

Campaign Statement:

Want to serve the community


Sirguroh, Rafique

Candidate for: Registrar, Director of Soccer Education, Director of Youth Protection & Sportsmanship, Director At-large

Campaign Statement:

Current board member


Wieck, Christopher

Candidate for: Director of Adult Soccer

Campaign Statement:

I have been a member of WWPSA for over 20 years (1993-2006 as a youth member, 2011-present as an adult member). As Director of Adult Soccer since 2015 I have been able to offer year round programs to adult members of the WWPSA community. The programs continue to grow and are received well by the participants. I wish to continue serving as Director of Adult Soccer and growing the current programs, seeking out new opportunities, and assisting other WWPSA programs. Thank you for your consideration.