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Referee Assignment Process for Recreational Games

The following process is used for assigning referees to Recreational games.

  1. Early in the week, usually Saturday night, the referee assignor will send out an email to all referees, who have registered with WWPSA, asking them to let him know if they are available to referee for the upcoming Saturday.
  2. Referees need to respond by midnight on Tuesday stating their name, email address, phone number, what league grade they are willing to referee, what time that they can referee on the upcoming Saturday and any teams they cannot referee because they have a sibling, close friend, child or any such other conflict. An example response would be: 
         Joe Smith
         Up to 6th grade league
         9 am 
         Cannot do Boys 4 Burn team - brother on team
  3. Referees should not respond if they are not available to work the upcoming Saturday. It is assumed referees are not available if they do not respond.
  4. The referee assignor will work up the assignments, and then send out the assignments by Wednesday evening, asking the referees to confirm they received their assignment.
  5. Referees need to respond by Thursday evening confirming they have received the assignment. Referees, who do not respond, might lose their assignment.
  6. On Saturday, referees work the games they were assigned. Before leaving the field, referees must confirm the score with any assistant referees.
  7. As soon as possible after the game, but no later than the next day, all referees must submit the score to recrefs@wwpsa.org and rec@wwpsa.org by using the Game Card linked here.
  8. All referees and assistant referees must submit the score to be paid. Referees and assistant referees who do not submit scores will not be paid for the game since they did not do everything required to earn the payment.
  9. The referee assignor then updates the WWPSA website with the scores so everyone can then see the results and standings on the schedule page.
  10. The process then starts over again for the next week.

Submitting Game Scores

At the end of each game you need to submit the final score by email to recrefs@wwpsa.org and rec@wwpsa.org to get paid for refereeing the game. Please submit them as soon as possible after the game.

Below is an example email:

Referee Name: John Doe
Assistant Referee 1: Billy Bob
Assistant Referee 2: None
Date of Game: 9/13/14
‚ÄčTime of Game: 9 am
League: Girls: 4th/5th
Home Team Name: G45-Lightning
Home Team Final Score: 5
Away Team Name: G45-Hurricane
Away Team Final Score: 4