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Refunds will NOT be granted, except in exceptional circumstances, after the earlier of:

  • The date players are assigned to teams. For Travel, this is at the end of the 48 hour roster acceptance window.
  • The date before the program begins (i.e. the first team practice or game for the season)

No refunds are granted after these dates to encourage players to remain on their teams, to fulfill their commitment of playing to the team and cover the expenses committed to offer the program.

Refunds are NOT granted on travel program deposits. 

To request a refund please e-mail your request for a refund including the (1) first and last name of player who registered, (2) the reason for refund request, and (3) amount of refund requested. Please e-mail your refund request to finance@wwpsa.org and copy the respective program leaders as follows:

  • For Youth Travel Soccer - travel@wwpsa.org
  • For Youth Recreational Soccer - rec@wwpsa.org
  • For Adult Soccer - adult@wwpsa.org